Rental Application Process

We appreciate your interest in a rental from George Group North. Because we want to rent this dwelling to people who are considerate of their neighbors, clean in their living habits, capable of paying the rent, and prompt in paying their bills, we use a rental application to help us determine whether our applicants meet these qualifications. In order for you to rent from us, you must complete a rental application. We want you to know how to complete the application we use, and we also want you to know what our company does with your application.

When filling out the application:

  1. Put something in every blank, even if you have to put "None" of "N/A."
  2. If you need more space to write, use the back of the application.
  3. Take your time filling out the application, look up information you don't remember.
  4. Be sure to read the declaration above the signature line and agree to it before signing.
  5. When finished, read over the application to make sure it is accurate, complete and legible.

You may email or fax your application to the information below.

Robert Grace
George Group North, LLC
Cell: (612) 419-7252
fax: (952) 476-7334